5 Must-Do SEO Techniques For More Organic Traffic

05/19/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

When it comes to SEO there are a lot of ways you through which you can get organic traffic. Trying different things and keep tweaking your website until you get the best result is a must when it comes to SEO. One technique may work on one website and the same technique may not work on the other. Now, I am going to list 5 techniques that work for almost all types of websites. These tricks are used by almost all SEO experts. If you are not into SEO and would like to hire an expert the I would recommend you go with Brooks SEO Marketing Las Vegas.


Without wasting any more time, let's see what are these 5 SEO techniques that everyone should use:

1. Give Boost To Low Traffic Pages with Internal Links

As you all know internal links are links from different pages of the same website. You can link relevant pages within the website with anchor text that is ranking you somewhere in the Search Engine.

So how you can do this? First of all look for an underperforming page that you think has the potential and can get you more traffic. Then go to Google analytics and look at the amount of organic traffic that page is getting. If you see it is getting less traffic than it should get then create a list of pages on your website that have a little relevancy to the anchor text you are targeting. Now simply put these internal links on those pages. After a few days, you will start to see the change in ranking and an increase in organic traffic if everything is done right.

The most recommended structure for internal linking is Silo Structure. The image is given2. below for reference:

Silo Structure for Internal Links

2. Work On Your Titles and Meta Description to Improve CTR

Even if you are ranking well enough or even #1, you may not receive the amount of traffic than that position deserves. The reason is the unoptimized Title tag and Meta description. These 2 things are the first impression when a user searches. So, if you are not conveying your message well through meta title and meta description, you are losing a good amount of traffic. Tips for good Title and Meta Description:

  • Be Clear and Concise.
  • Show the benefit the user is going to get if he/she visits your website.
  • Use numbers in Titles if possible eg. "5 Reasons Why you Should Hire an SEO Expert", "10 Easy Tips for Living a Healthy Life" etc.
  • Utilize the full character limit of 150-160 characters in Meta Description.

3. Refreshing, Adding Details or Optimizing the Existing Content

If you have been doing SEO for a while you would have noticed that older content traffic declines as the time passes. This is a common trend for almost all websites. So now, the question arises on how to find the right content for this. This is easy. All you have to do is open Google Analytics. Then go to Behaviour > Overview; then click on the page URL and see if there are any traffic dips after the publishing date of the article. If it does seem the traffic has declined, then you can start the procedure of refreshing the content.

Things you can do to refresh the content:

  • Add more relevant content.
  • Update the page with the latest information.
  • Add images and infographics.
  • Restructure the content for better readability. Like rewriting the content in steps, adding bullets, adding tables, adding blockquote, writing important points in bold, italic, or underlining them.
  • Explain the complex terms you may not have explained while writing it the first time.
  • Add Video.

4. Claim Unlinked Mentions to Gain Backlinks

This happens a lot when someone takes your work and just mention your brand name and do not link to you. You can easily claim those links by contacting the website owner and politely asking them to link to you as they are using your work and not linking back to you. How are you going to find those websites? It's simple, you can use SEO tools like SemRush. Sign up on Semrush then visit this guide on to find those unlinked mentions.

5. Convert Your Competitors Dead Pages Links for Yourself

Again this process is simple if you use an SEO tool. Follow this guide by Semrush on how you can get your competitor's dead pages backlinks. All you have to find the dead pages and then links pointing to it. After that contact website owners that linking to competitor's dead pages and politely ask them to link to you. Not only this will benefit you but to them as well, as Google does not like linking to 404 pages.

I hope this small guide is pretty useful to you.

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