Are You Taking Full Advantage of Today's Retail POS Solutions?

05/19/2021 12:00 AM by Shravan Veeravalli in Seo

As online retailing sees more competition every year, and as restaurant owners and shopkeepers face the challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s vital that sellers take full advantage of today’s . More than just a means of checking out your customers, today’s POS systems provide advanced multi-store inventory monitoring, increased sales opportunities and up-selling, and features specific to your business such as contactless payments and curbside pickup.


If you’re still using an outdated POS system that does little more than take payments from customers, it’s time to upgrade! Today’s retail POS solutions save you time and money and can increase your business overall. No matter your current POS system, check out some of today’s must-have features for various industries and storefronts.

Retail POS Solutions for Larger Stores

Whether you run a big box home improvement store or small local retail outlet, today’s retail POS solutions can help reduce manual paperwork, streamline inventory control processes, and even increase your sales! Check out many of today’s retail POS solutions; if your current point-of-sale system doesn’t offer these advantages, it’s time for an update!

Scanners to integrate wish lists

Your online sales portal might already have a wish list option, allowing shoppers to add items to that list rather than a checkout cart, so they’re easy to find during their next visit. If you have brick-and-mortar stores as well as an online shop, it’s time to take this option one step further! Today’s retail POS solutions include scanners a shopper can download to their smartphone, allowing them to quickly scan items they see in person and add it to their online wish list.

These scanners are an added encouragement for a shopper to purchase those items the next time they shop online or in person. This integration can then increase your business and mean less loss of sales for items currently out of stock.

Multiple store inventory

Most of today’s POS systems integrate inventory management, so that your inventory is updated instantly after every sale. However, if you own or manage multiple stores, today’s retail POS solutions can integrate a multiple store inventory. This allows you to check quickly if a customer asks about an item not found in one store, so you can arrange in-store pickup or otherwise ensure you don’t lose that sale.


Having an always-on feature is vital for ensuring your transactions don’t get held up due to Wi-Fi blackouts. An always-on feature allows you to continue the checkout process even when your system is offline, and then quickly syncs transactions to your inventory management and other programs once Wi-Fi is restored.

Retail POS Solutions for Small and Remote Businesses

If you run a small or remote business, you probably don’t need the same retail POS solutions as larger sellers. However, today’s upgraded and enhanced features, designed just for smaller companies and those who sell remotely, can mean increased sales and easier customer service overall.

Mobile POS

Today’s retail POS solutions offer  for remote businesses, many of which connect right to the audio jack of a smartphone. While you might already have a mobile POS solution, the affordability of these simple solutions allows you to invest in as many as needed, so you can check out multiple customers at once without the expense and space of actual cash registers. Ensure your assistants have a mobile POS solution and are adept to its use, so you can check out several lines of customers and avoid lost sales.

Security camera integration

If you own a small business, you are probably trying to manage many tasks yourself and that includes keeping your store secure! You don’t need a huge budget for added security monitors or even extra security guards when you choose security camera integration, offered by many retail POS solutions today.

Security camera integration allows you to access security cameras with your remote POS systems, even connected to a smart phone or other handheld device. Remote systems and security camera integration allow you to check those cameras from any location, eliminating the need to check computer monitors in a security office!

Today’s Retail POS Solutions for Restaurants

Restaurants were probably one of the hardest-hit businesses during COVID-19 shutdowns, which is why it’s vital that your retail POS solutions keep up with today’s challenges to your business. Check out some updated features for today’s POS solutions for restaurants and food service establishments in particular.

Contactless payment and pickup

Even after COVID-19 lockdowns were eased, many restaurant goers still preferred to avoid crowded, enclosed areas. Contactless payment and curbside pickup has quickly become a favorite option for those customers, and its convenience ensures it will be a favorite option far into the future!

Contactless payment allows customers to pay from a smart phone app, without having to search for your website online. Curbside pickup allows restaurant staff to bring a customer’s order to their car. Because these options are even faster than a drive-through and allow added convenience for restaurants without drive-through windows, they’re an excellent long-term investment.

Preauthorized bar tabs

Preauthorized bar tabs allow customers to pay a bar tab in advance of ordering. Customers can then enjoy a few drinks without having to ask the barkeep to run a tab or pay for each one individually.

A preauthorized bar tab can also ensure the barkeep cuts off the customer after they’ve reached their tab limit, so he or she isn’t tempted to over-drink or overspend! These solutions also let you check identification at the time of the tab authorization, reducing the risk of customers using fake identifications, stolen credit cards, and the like.

Tabletop and online ordering

Online and tabletop ordering are excellent choices for restaurants that are often crowded and busy, as these reduce the need for manual order entries and shorten each customer’s time at the table! Online ordering allows a customer to place their order with the restaurant from their website, specifically for dining in-person rather than for carry out, while tabletop ordering lets them place the order from a tabletop touch screen.

Online and tabletop ordering reduces interaction with wait staff, allowing an order to reach the kitchen quickly. This also frees up the wait staff for plating and other responsibilities. Eliminating communication between the wait staff and customers also means fewer human errors and less inventory wasted on incorrect orders!

If you haven’t updated your retail POS solutions in some time, check out these great features and consider how they can save you time and money, reduce human error, and encourage more sales for your company. Many POS systems are affordable and easy to install, and are one of the best investments you can make for your business!


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