Expert Roofing SEO Strategy : Plan and Execution

05/19/2021 12:00 AM by Shravan Veeravalli in Seo

Being an expert in Roofing SEO means you should know a lot about keywords. Keywords are the foundation of Roofing SEO. You should what your target audience searches and what variations, key phrases, voice searches they are doing.

Finding keywords related to what you serve and what exactly is the need of users you can satisfy will get you more clients and more business.


Roofing Keywords

Finding out roofing-related keywords is basically depends upon your target audience like where they are, what they need, and why do they need it.

Where are they located? Are they within the geofenced location of your company?

Why are they seeking? Are they studying only for information, or are they finding to potentially purchase a product or service?

What are they running for? If they do have the intention to buy or inquire regarding a roofing service, is it the correct kind plus scope of the project that your firm can carry out?

By using keyword planner given by Google ads you can find and analyze these words and phrases and can also answer these questions. If you don't have a Google ads account then you can go for paid options like SemRush, Ahrefs, and Majestic SEO.

Finding Local Keywords

Local means location first. So the targeting should be done initially on the basis of keywords and locations your business serves.

Again using Google Ads Keyword planner or a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush, you can find out how many searches are there for any given keyword per month. These tools are never accurate or exact and statistics may slightly vary but this gives you an idea of what keywords are more searched and what less.

Usually, local SEO is most productive when targeting either a city or province.

Coupling your city with your service keywords is a good starting area for an SEO strategy. So, if you’re a metal roofing company in Knoxville TN, you might start creating content around keywords such as:

  • “metal roofing companies Knoxville TN”
  • “metal roof repair knoxville tn”
  • “roof repair knoxville tn”
  • “metal roofing companies near knoxville tn”

You must essentially aim each version of the phrase above, due to the fact with regards to SEO, any iteration of a word counts as a separate query, and therefore would possibly generate some exclusive outcomes.

Targetting Long-Tail Keywords

One of the greatest mistakes that people make while listing for keywords is that they go very general so while you keep location in mind, please try not to be too general with your keywords and be more specific to get better leads.

Why targeting general keywords is wrong? The answer to this question is explained with below example:

Let's take a general keyword from the above example keywords say "roofing". Now when it comes to the keyword "roofing" there are many possibilities. The user is just looking for informational content related to roofing. The user may be interested in another kind of roofing that your business does not serve. Also, this general keyword will be very hard to rank, and the possibility of getting a lead is very low.

With local SEO, long-tail is the best option. It empowers you to waste less time and resources and rank higher for more lead-generating keywords, consequently bringing in more targeted visitors.

When or more words are attached with the general keyword it converts into a longtail keyword and according to analysts, long-tail keywords convert well.

So, “Roofing” is a general keyword, but adding words like, “metal,” “repair,” and “Knoxville, TN,” helps to narrow down to a particular audience you want to serve.

Below is an example of how you can convert a general keyword into a long-tail keyword:

  • “roofing”
  • “roofing repair”
  • “metal roofing”
  • “metal roofing repair”
  • “metal roofing repair in Knoxville TN”


Long-tail keywords have low traffic mostly and by not targeting general keywords you may lose a lot of web traffic but that traffic mostly will be non-converting.

Focusing on Quality of Content

Quality content should be your top priority when targeting your audience. The content should be targeting the keywords that your audience searches.

Under any circumstances make sure that the content you are generating is unique and is not just gibberish that every other agency writes to fill the site with content. Always make sure the content is: 

  1. Helpful to the readers.
  2. Relative to the readers.

There is a lot more that needs to be covered. Do take a look at this SEO Plan for Roofers.


By Shravan Veeravalli

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