Online Ads Not Growing Your Business? It's Time for a Contractor Marketing Company!

05/19/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

Every contractor and service provider needs a contractor marketing company by their side! Contractors can no longer rely on word of mouth or even online ads and local billboards and flyers for new business, as these are often a waste of time and resources.

If you’re a contractor wondering why your business has gone stagnant over the years, don’t blame it on a slow economy or the COVID-19 pandemic! Many contractors and service providers just like you have seen their business increase immeasurably these past few years despite local shutdowns and sluggish economic growth.


What has been the secret for how these contractors managed to keep their business afloat and even see their client base grow during these challenging times? Hiring the right contractor marketing company and taking full advantage of their services!

As a contractor, it’s vital that you know your business inside and out, and offer dependable, reliable services; however, even if you have the highest-rated contracting company in your area, you’ll need more than online ads and local flyers to grow. Before you go another month or, worse yet, a full year without seeing the increase in clients you deserve, check out some commonly asked questions about contractor marketing companies so you know how they can work for you.

What Is a Contractor Marketing Company?

Simply put, a contractor marketing company handles all your contractor marketing needs, working with you to implement the best strategy for obtaining your company’s overall goals. A contractor marketing company will specialize in contractor marketing, so your plans and strategies are tailored to your service and local area in particular.

Contractor marketing companies also specialize in digital or online marketing, specifically for contractor companies and service providers. This is vital, as some 46% of Google searches include “local intent,” meaning searches local to that person’s area specifically using google maps. Searches including the phrase “near me” or “where to buy” have also increased by some 200% in the past few years!*

Contractor marketing companies know that online searches for contractors are only going to grow in the future, so their services are tailored for internet users. Billboards only reach those driving down a particular street and local flyers are easily tossed out with junk mail, but precise internet marketing ensures the widest range of potential buyers for your contracting company!

Why Choose a Contractor Marketing Company?

There are a few vital reasons why contractors and service providers should hire a contractor marketing company, and especially if your business is struggling to reach clients or is located in a competitive area.

Knowing your business doesn’t mean knowing how to market it!

One important reason to consider hiring a contractor marketing company is that knowing your business doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to market it to potential clients, or convert website visitors to clients. As an example, a kitchen renovation contractor might state repeatedly on their website that they offer low prices. While affordability is important, that contractor’s potential customers might be more concerned with how a kitchen will look after a renovation, rather than trying to save as much money as possible!

A contractor marketing company understands what is important to various contracting clients, whether that be the cost of certain services, the end result of those services, why those services are vital and what happens if they’re neglected, and so on. By tailoring your marketing plan and approach to each client and industry, you’re likely to appeal to a greater range of clients.

A contractor marketing company also takes into account how search engines find websites. Not “tweaking” a website to ensure it’s found by search engines, or what is called “search engine optimization,” can mean seeing that site get lost among the hundreds of other sites for contractors offering the same service. A contractor marketing company understands how to optimize websites so that they’re found quickly and easily by search engines and stand out from the competition online!

Marketing a business takes time away from running that business!

A contractor’s business usually means lots of hands-on labor, which is both time-consuming and tiring! Every minute you spend sorting through marketing options, preparing a website and various marketing  materials, and tracking their results, is one less minute you can spend on actually working and growing your business.

Hiring a contractor marketing company allows you to concentrate on the most vital aspect of your contractor business, which is providing topnotch services to your clients. You can also spend more time and energy on researching the latest equipment and techniques in your industry and on hiring and training the personnel needed to grow!

A contractor marketing company reaches local clients

One drawback to online ads is that they are often wasted on a national audience. If you’re like most contractors, you need to find clients in your local area; someone living in Denver is not going to hire a pressure washing company in Palm Beach, for example!

If you’re that Palm Beach contractor, ads and social posts that only reach a national audience and which fail to target local buyers translate to wasted dollars and lost revenue. As contractor marketing companies specialize in services for local contractors, they understand how to market your company to a specific area.

What’s the Difference Between Contractor Marketing and a Website?

Every contractor and service provider should have at least a basic website, so potential clients can find your phone number, hours of operation, and other information needed to contact you! However, a contractor marketing company is far different than a website builder. How so?

  • Websites need fresh material consistently to stay at the top of the search engines and reach your potential clients consistently. A contractor marketing company ensures your site contains fresh material and is updated as needed, to be found by clients long after that site is built and published!
  • A website builder might fail to employ effective marketing methods for a contracting business; for example, a contractor marketing company will include CTAs, or calls to action, encouraging a potential client to call or use your online contact form. Those CTAs, as well as other marketing techniques, helps convert online visitors to actual clients!
  • While a high-quality website is typically the cornerstone of contractor marketing, offsite content is also vital. This includes a social media presence, inbound links to your site on other websites, and a presence on online communities such as Houzz.

Employing a contractor marketing company skilled in these various marketing techniques ensures you reach the largest local audience possible, and that your marketing is tailored to high-quality leads. You’ll spend less money on ineffective ads while watching your business grown exponentially when you work with a contractor marketing company!


By Shravan Veeravalli

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