Semrush Review: Killing Competition With Semrush!

05/22/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Review

We live in a digital world, a very competitive one at that. everyone around, from every sphere of life and work, has been continuously shifting to the digital world over the years and enjoying this new paradigm. The reason that everybody has been shifting to it is because the digital world allows people to reach their target audience and even more customers with much more ease than they would have had it been offline. Marketing, advertisement, web designing - these are all words that have made their way and been engraved in our vocabularies for quite some time now.

If one of the main things for your business to work is quality content then another main thing is how to propagate that content to the target audience, that is its marketing and advertising. That being said, even more significant than that is knowing and being aware of what your competitors are doing to work their way through the audience. That knowledge is very important. 

Therefore if you run a blog then you must be aware of the SEO tools. They not only let you find keywords for your blog, but they also help you to check the rankings of your keywords and even check your competitor's keywords for that matter. 

One such tool is SEMrush! So let's understand it first.


What is SEMrush?

Basically, if you run a blog you must have heard about search engine optimisation (SEO) and using keywords to make your blog be noticed by your audience. You'd have realised that just writing content and good content, is not enough for you. You gotta do even more so that people notice your blogs and it reaches the target audience. 

If you just keep on writing and writing and do not use any search engine optimisation tools then it will all be in vain because nobody would be there to read it. With that in mind let's understand what is SEMrush. SEMrush is basically an SEO and SEM tool with which you can search for your competitor's keywords, you can understand how to build strategic links for your websites and you can also find the right keywords for your own blog. 



How does it work? 

So basically, if you have been wondering why is it such a popular search engine optimisation tool, then the reason is pretty simple it makes searching for keywords that rank your website above others quite simple. Let's understand this. 

What SEMrush does is it informs you or tells you what is that keyword that is ranking your site or for that matter any other site in the top spot. So basically, in short, you can research the keywords very very easily. And keywords are the real deal, right? So, once you know what is the keyword that helps sites to be on the top and be noticed more by their audience, you yourself can easily put that in your write-ups and in your blogs and be noticed more easily and also reach your target audience. 

This specification can be in a particular geographic location as well, that is, if you are targeting any one particular country out of the many countries then it might help you but if you are targeting all of the worlds in general then it might be helpful for you to track the country in which your write up or your keyword, we should say, is doing the best. 

SEMrush is quite a tool that is so helpful for good and accurate search engine optimisation that we believe, basically, every blogger should have it. And you may not believe it but SEMrush has millions and millions of domains and millions of keywords as well. 

Here's what SEMrush does: 

Basically in addition to all of these functions what it will do is, it will find all those keywords for which any website or blog on the internet (existing ones though) are ranking in the top search results. Additionally, if you also want data on any of the particular keyword or you want statistics related to it then it will also help you find it. 

Also, it is quite safe to say that you do not need to use your secondary sides for using the SEMrush tool because this tool deserves to be used for your primary, money-earning site. Because this tool, mind you, is going to give you results. Legit results. 

How can you use it for your competitor's website?

Now let's assume that you want to check your competitor's website - how is it doing, what are the keywords being used, how they are benefiting that person and his website. So don't worry because it's not rocket science, it's very very simple. All you need to do is you just need to copy the domain name of your competitor's website and that's it. Once you have copied it you just need to paste it in the SEMrush tool and you will get all the information right from the keywords used (it will actually list all the keywords along with their URLs) to how the keywords are benefiting your competitor, which keyword is benefiting him the most and stuff like that. 

See? It's as simple as that! 

And not only your competitor's site, but you can also find the best, the top and the primary keywords that drive traffic to any website out there and that's just extraordinary, right? To know what drives the most traffic to a website, we think, it's a great benefit. Now, SEMrush is full of amazing features and functionalities in itself which makes it one of the most widely known and popular search engine optimisation and search engine marketing tools. 

Here are some of the main features of SEMrush tool:

i. Keyword magic tool - it is a magic tool which is why we use the term magic. So basically, as we discussed, you can always use the tool to search for the keywords that are doing good in any of your competitor's site or anyone's site in particular whose website is doing pretty well. 

You can also search for keywords that rank high in search results across various search engines. You can find the keywords that attract user attention, that help with your website reaching your target audience and you can even get information on its cost per click data. 

There is also another keyword tool that basically points out some keywords that you might have missed just in case. So make sure you try that one as well. You can also make a list of the keywords that you want to use and then you can, with this tool, identify which keyword will work for you and which keyword can help you rank among the top. 

ii. Site audit - So basically this means an inspection of your own site. So you can run an audit on your site or any site for that matter, ideally, it should be your own and you can understand the search engine optimisation tools for your website and you can understand what changes you can make in that looking at the report. You can then make those changes to make your site even better and help it to reach your target audience.

You can run this audit on your smartphone as well as on your computer, so you do not need to worry about that. Also, it can be exported in PDF or Excel format so you can take a print out of it to work on it further with your team.

iii. Track position: So SEMrush basically has a mobile app with which you can actually track positions of your keywords just from that app on your smartphone. We bet it's very rare to find such a feature in any other search engine optimisation tool.

iv: Backlink Profile: Get backlink profile of your competitors to know where you are lacking and get backlinks from those sources as well.


The app, for now, is only available for Android but the iOS version is coming out very soon as well. 


So should I use the SEMrush tool? 

If you are a writer then the answer is definitely yes, because it's one of the best tools out there that you can possibly find. No other tool quite competes with it. If you are a blogger then you must know the struggle or would have experienced the struggle of writing content and then getting it across to the target audience. This is because generating traffic is so much more difficult than it seems and the place where most people fail is they write amazing content but they do not know how to propagate it to their target audience. They don't use any search engine optimisation or search engine marketing tools to get it across to the target audience. So they basically have great content but there is nobody to read it. 

In a lot of cases it even happens that people don't even know how the traffic is being generated in their blog posts, where is it coming from, which post is doing better than others. They just have no idea, they are completely oblivious of these things but these are the most important things that will help your business to grow and soar and therefore you should definitely use it.  If you are a blogger or writer then you must know how to propagate your content to the right audience and this amazing, magic tool, the SEMrush tool, will greatly help you to do so. 

With this tool, as we mentioned, you can also find keywords that are driving the audience or traffic to your competitor's site. And you can use those keywords and write articles based around those keywords as well, which will be perfectly fine and they would work great for you. Moreover, if there are still some doubts that are popping up in your head then they also offer a 14-day free trial so you can absolutely give it a try. 

Various SEMrush plans:

So there is not one but four varieties of the plans that SEMrush tool offers for different people and different uses, you can pick the one that best suits for you. 

They are namely:

1. Pro plan

2. Guru plan

3. Business plan

4. Enterprise plan

Well if you are an individual then you should definitely try to go for the pro plan, as it will not only give you great insights into the keywords but it will also give your complete report which will be really helpful. However, if you are an agency then you should go with the Guru plan as it offers reports in the form of PDFs. Also at any point in time, if you wish to upgrade to a Pro account, you can. And you can even degrade if you want to. So that goes both ways. 


Well, this was our review of the super cool, the super amazing, the super helpful SEMrush tool. If you are a blogger or a writer for any website, then you should definitely give it a try because it will really give you great, deep insights and help you to rank your website even higher in the search engine results. 

However, one thing to always remember is that it's your content at the end of the day that will help you to be at the top position because this tool is great for analysis and research purposes - it will give you all the insights, it will give you all the knowledge, but all that is going to decide the future of your website and all that really matters is the way you use it in practical form. Remember, it can only make you reach the top place but to stay at the top place and to maintain that position, it's all your consistent, dedicated hard work.

So make sure that you use it very wisely and carefully and in a way that it really helps you and benefits you and keep writing amazing blogs. Also, if you still have any doubts you can always put them down in the comment section below.

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