Top 4 Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Always Consider

05/22/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

There are more than 200 search engine ranking factors and each of them has different weightage. In all of these factors these four factors are the most important. If you work on these important seo factors, there is greater chance of increasing your rank than any other in those 200 factors. Let's start step by step explaining all of them and the steps you should take to achieve best results.

Top 4 Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Always Consider

#1 SEO Factor : Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important part of any SEO strategy. It is the only ranking factor that has the highest weightage than any other for ranking on Google or any other big search engine. The good authority and handsome number of backlinks can get you higher rankings. 

backlinks for SEO

Recommended Action for Getting Backlinks

  • Always use white hat methods to get links.
  • Links from high authority and relevant website are best.
  • Connect with people who are in the same niche as you are in.
  • Write high quality content so that people automatically share and link to your content (website).
  • Promote as much as you can on social media (Do not go black hat).

#2 SEO Factor : Content

There are basically three types of site on internet: Information, service or product based. All of these three must adhere to high quality content rule. Sites that provide service or sell products must have blogs. Content is the key to ranking any website. Without it, it is almost impossible to rank.

SEO factor: High Quality Content

Recommended Action for Higher Quality Content

  • Always write the article relevant to the topic.
  • Focus on one or two long tail keywords and use LSI keywords also. (Know About LSI Keywords here).
  • Try to have article length between 1500-2000 words. Higher the word count better the chance of ranking.
  • Always use images, infographics and videos in the content if possible. 
  • Use different headings, structure your article so that it becomes more readable and clean.
  • Use shorter sentences in articles.

#3 SEO Factor : On-Page SEO

Having your website's on-page SEO according to the search engine requirements will significantly improve your chance of ranking. There are lot of things in On-page and it varies according the type (information, service or product based) of your site. I am sharing with you the common on-page SEO steps.

On page SEO ranking factor

Recommended Action for On-Page SEO

  • Use target keyword in headings of the page.
  • Use target keywords in alt tag of images.
  • Implement schema markup on your site.
  • Do internal linking of relevant pages and articles.
  • Use breadcrumbs.
  • Use user and SEO friendly urls.
  • Link to relevant high authority sites.

#4 SEO Factor : Bounce Rate

Bounce rate can be a deciding factor for the position of your website on search engines especially Google. Lower bounce rate significantly increase your rankings. If a user opens your site through Google and immediately goes back to search page again, it means that user did not liked the article, or he needed some other information or the information you provided was not complete. The more the user views different pages of your site, the lower is the bounce rate.

Bounce Rate

Recommended Action for Lower Bounce Rate

  • Try to engage users in your website.
  • Provide complete information on any topic you are ranking for.
  • Show relevant article below the main article.
  • Show popular posts in sidebar.
  • Link to different relevant posts within the article.
  • Try to satisfy the user 100% for the query you are ranking for.

These are top 4 ranking factors for search engine ranking. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in comments below. A big thanks to Backlinko for the insights and research.

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